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Hue Your Days

Stamp Making

Stamp Making

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How it works:
At Hue Your Days, our craft experiences are self-guided. You'll be provided with all the necessary materials and tools, including rubber blocks, carving tools, design templates, and ink pads. We'll also provide instructional materials and resources to guide you along your craft experience. Don't worry, our friendly staff are also present to help as and when needed.

What’s included:

  • 1.5 Hour Stamp Making Session
  • All Stamp Making Materials Included
  • Blank Postcard + Oil Pastels

At the end of your craft experience, take home your handcrafted stamps you've made during the workshop. Your personalised stamps will serve as cherished mementos and versatile tools for adding a personal touch to your future creative projects.

Please read our terms & conditions for workshop before signing up.

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