Hue Your Days Terms and Conditions

1. Booking of Experiences/ Studio Rental

Booking of experiences/ studio rental and payment may be done via our website or alternatively via email enquiry to

By booking the experiences/ studio rental, participants accept that photographs and/or videos showing them and their creations may be taken during the experience and used, and relinquish all rights, title or interest, including intellectual property rights unless stated otherwise.

Multimedia including but not exclusive of photographs and videos taken by staff of Hue Your Days during any experience, course, session, workshop, talk, or event is used solely for purpose of publicity for Hue Your Days.

2. Cancellation or Non-attendance

Where a firm booking has been accepted by Hue Your Days and is subsequently
cancelled, the customer will be liable for the following charges. All cancellations must be received in writing (WhatsApp or E-mail acceptable).

Number of days before experience date:

  • More than 8 days: No Charges (Full Refund)
  • 2 to 7 days: 50% of fee charge (Partial Refund)
  • 1 day (24 hours): 100% of fee charge (No Refund) 

Non-attendance of experiences due to illness or for personal or professional reasons is not an automatic right to a refund or a transfer. At any given time after the sign-up is confirmed and before the experience commences, should the participant for any reason become unable to turn up or stay the full duration of any experience, course, session, workshop, talk, or event, the participant cannot be granted a refund in full or in part, in monies or in kind. The full number of pax will be charged.

3. Late Attendance

Late arrivals can impact the progress of the experience, so please aim to be on time or 10-15 minutes early. Late comers will be brought up to date as soon as a free moment arises so as not to impact the experience of participants already in attendance. 

If participants are more than 15 minutes late, they may not be able to make all the items stated in the experience description. There will be no free time extension provided.

4. Pottery Breakage

In the event where participants cause breakage of pottery pieces, participants will be liable for the incurred cost of the item once they have started painting. Participants would have to purchase another pottery piece to continue the experience.

Breakage of pottery pieces may occur while it is in the kiln due to over-painting. Staff of Hue Your Days will guide you to the best of our abilities during the experience to prevent such situations. However, such situations are out of our control and we will assess the follow-up course of action on a case-by-case basis.

5. Indemnity and Liability

By booking, purchasing and attending our experiences, the participants agree to fully indemnify and hold harmless Hue Your Days and the staff against actions, claims, proceedings, costs (including legal costs incurred by Hue Your Days in defending any such actions, claims or proceedings), liability, losses and damages whatsoever which may be brought or commenced against Hue Your Days by any person and/or which Hue Your Days may sustain, incur or suffer, as the case may be, arising out of or in connection with or by reason of attending the experience.

Hue Your Days endeavours to conduct any experience in the safest method possible, but participants should be mindful of their health and safety at all times.

6. Experience Description

Hue Your Days’ craft experiences are self-guided. Instructional materials and resources are provided to guide you along your craft experience. Our friendly staff are also present to help as and when needed. 

Video-taking or photography by any participant of any part or all of step-by-step instructions, instructional materials and resources, guides during or after any experience, course, session, workshop, talk, or event is strictly not allowed. In the case of violation of this rule, the participant unreservedly without contest agrees to be held liable for intellectual property rights violation and without reservation make full compensation as required by Hue Your Days.

During the experiences, Hue Your Days may take photographs and video recordings, which may be published on the Hue Your Days’ website, social network and/or on the websites of Hue Your Days’ business partners and/or sponsors.

All content and original materials for all experiences, courses, sessions, workshops, talks, and events are property of Hue Your Days, and no part of it may be copied, modified, reproduced, given away or distributed in any media or form, for profit in kind or monies, or for free.

Hue Your Days reserves the right to amend our Terms and Conditions without prior notice.